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Please Note: Between the dates of October 1 and December 17, applications will be for the remainder of 2019 and all of 2020. Therefore, the total amount due will be
  • $80 instead of $64 for Pre-Doctoral memberships
  • $106 instead of $85 for Post-Doctoral memberships
If you would like to join for 2020 only, please complete this application on or after December 18.
Please review the criteria and application procedure for trainee membershiphereprior to applying.
Trainee Requirement: All trainee applications must be accompanied by aTrainee Certification Form (TCF).Please complete and upload the TCF on the confirmation page after you submit your payment. If you cannot complete your TCF now, you may upload later by logging in and selecting 'Upload Trainee Certification'.
Your application will be complete when we have received both your payment and the Trainee Certification Form. If you have questions, please contactmembers@aai.orgor call 301-634-7822.
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