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Welcome to this listing of AAI women members volunteering their expertise for roles as speakers, editors, advocates, board members, and other positions of leadership in the field. You may view the list in two ways.

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Primary Job Emphasis
Basic ResearchClinical Research (Human)
Education GraduateEducation Undergraduate
Government AdministrationGrant/Science Writing
Industry Management/AdministrationLegal Profession
Non-Profit/Professional SocietyOther
PublishingVeterinary Research
Area of Research/Expertise
Allergy and AsthmaAutoimmunity
CancerImmune Deficiencies
Infectious Diseases - Bacterial DiseasesInfectious Diseases - Fungal Diseases
Infectious Diseases - Parasitic DiseasesInfectious Diseases - Viral Diseases
AgingCell Trafficking
Cellular Immunology: Immune RegulationCellular Mediators: Cytokines/Chemokines
Clinical ImmunologyDevelopmental and Comparative Immunology
Genetics/Genomics/ Bioinformatics/BiostatisticsHematopoiesis
Innate Immune ResponsesMucosal Immunology
Reproductive ImmunologySignal Transduction
Structural ImmunologySystems Biology
TransplantationTumor Immunology
Vaccines and ImmunotherapeuticsViral Immunology
B CellsDendritic Cells
Endothelial CellsEpithelial Cells
Innate Lymphoid CellsMast Cells/Basophils/Eosinophils
Monocytes/MacrophagesNatural Killer Cells
NeutrophilsNKT Cells
Stem CellsStromal Cells
T Cells
HumanNon-human Primates
Other AnimalsRodent
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