The American Association of Immunologists

List of AAI Minority Members1


To help advance its mission of enhancing diversity among immunologists and fostering the participation of underrepresented minority (URM) scientists2 in AAI activities, the AAI Minority Affairs Committee (MAC) maintains the AAI List of Minority Members. It is a voluntary, online listing of AAI minority members, ranging from established investigators to trainees, who have requested inclusion and attested to their URM status.

In addition to fostering a networking and mentoring community, the list serves as a resource for immunologists and scientists in other disciplines when considering individuals for selection as scientific meeting chairs or speakers, review panel participants, editorial board members, and collaborators in other professional activities. Given the importance of successful role models and networking in attracting and sustaining minority participation in immunology, the MAC invites all eligible AAI members to consider inclusion in the list.

Eligibility for inclusion requires all of the following:

  • AAI membership in good standing (dues paid in full for the current year)
  • Submission of theList of Minority Members form requesting inclusion and attesting to underrepresented minority status
  • Inclusion of one's professional web address in one's AAI member record--to check or add web address, go to Check/Update My Member Profile

To be added, complete theList of Minority Members form and submit it by email tomwcuddy@aai.orgor fax it to Michael Cuddy at (301)-634-7887.

If you have appeared on the list previously but do not appear now, please check that you currently meet all eligibility criteria listed above. Questions?


Full Name Organization Name State Job Title Web Address
Raymond Adebiyi, Ph.D. Ross University School of Medicine    Professor & Associate Dean  Web Address
Carlos Alvarez, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine  OH  Graduate Student  Web Address
Avery August, Ph.D. Cornell University  NY  HHMI Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs  Web Address
Elida Bautista, Ph.D. Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.  MO  Senior Scientist  Web Address
Robert Binder, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh  PA  Associate Professor  Web Address
Sandra Bonne-Annee, Ph.D. NIH  MD  Post Doctoral Fellow  Web Address
John Bostick, University of Florida  FL  PhD Student  Web Address
Prosper Boyaka, Ph.D. The Ohio State University  OH  Professor  Web Address
Randy Brutkiewicz, Ph.D. Indiana University School of Medicine  IN  Professor  Web Address
Cherie Butts, Ph.D. Biogen  MA  Associate Medical Director - Clinical Development  Web Address
Margaret Bynoe, Ph.D. Cornell University  NY  Professor of Immunology  Web Address
Christian Capitini, M.D. University of Wisconsin  WI  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Gregory Carey, Ph.D. University of Maryland, School of Medicine  MD  Associate Professor  Web Address
Arturo Casadevall, M.D., Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  MD  Professor and Chair   Web Address
Sarah Castro, Mayo Clinic Graduate School  MN  PhD Candidate  Web Address
Marta Catalfamo, Ph.D. Georgetown University School of Medicine  DC  Associate Professor  Web Address
Esteban Celis, M.D., Ph.D. Augusta University  GA  Professor  Web Address
Sergio Cepeda, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio  TX  Pre-doctoral student  Web Address
Stephen Chapes, Ph.D., M.P.H. Kansas State University  CO  Professor  Web Address
Carol Chase, University of Texas at San Antonio  TX  Graduate Student  Web Address
Brian Cobb, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine  OH  Professor  Web Address
Jose Conejo-Garcia, M.D.,Ph.D. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute  FL  Chair and Senior Member  Web Address
J. Augustin Cruz, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh  PA  Postdoctoral Associate  Web Address
Eduardo Davila, Ph.D. University of Colorado Denver  CO  Professor  Web Address
Magdia De Jesus, Ph.D. University at Albany-SUNY  NY  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Jonathan Deane, Ph.D. GNF/Novartis  CA  Senior Investigator I  Web Address
Garvin Dodard, Brown University  RI  Graduate Student  Web Address
Devon Eddins, Ph.D. Emory University  GA  Doctoral Fellow  Web Address
Charles Egwuagu, M.P.H.,Ph.D. NEI, NIH  MD  Senior Investigator  Web Address
Makandjouola Eusebio, M.D.,M.P.H.,Ph.D. Medical University of Lodz    Associate Professor  Web Address
Martin Felices, Ph.D. University of Minnesota  MN  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Rafael Fernandez-Botran, Ph.D. University of Louisville School of Medicine  KY  Associate Professor  Web Address
Richard Goldsby, Ph.D. Amherst College  MA  Thomas B. Walton Memorial Professor Emeritus  Web Address
Gregorio Gomez, Ph.D. University of South Carolina School of Medicine  SC  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Francisco Gomez-Rivera, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor  MI  Ph.D. student  Web Address
Mireia Guerau-De-Arellano, Pharm.D., Ph.D. The Ohio State University  OH  Associate Professor  Web Address
Maria Guerrero-Plata, Ph.D. Louisiana State University  LA  Associate Professor  Web Address
DeBroski Herbert, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania   PA  Associate Professor of Infectious Immunology  Web Address
Jeniffer Hernandez, Ph.D. Keck Graduate Institute  CA  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Michael Hyde, Tufts University  MA  Ph.D. Student  Web Address
Claudia Jakubzick, Ph.D. National Jewish Health  CO  Associate Professor  Web Address
Mariana Kaplan, M.D. NIH / NIAMS  MD  Senior Investigator; Chief, Systemic Autoimmunity Branch  Web Address
Joseph Larkin, Ph.D. University of Florida  FL  Associate Professor  Web Address
Adriana Larregina, M.D., Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh  PA  Professor  Web Address
James Lillard, Ph.D. Morehouse School of Medicine  GA  Professor & Associate Dean for Research  Web Address
Carolina Lopez, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania  PA  Associate Professor  Web Address
Ernesto Marques, M.D., Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh  PA  Associate professor  Web Address
Olivia Martinez, Ph.D. Stanford University Medical School  CA  Professor  Web Address
Otoniel Martinez-Maza, Ph.D. UCLA  CA  Professor  Web Address
Gislaine Martins, Ph.D. Cedars Sinai Medical Center-UCLA  CA  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Craig Maynard, Ph.D. University of Alabama, Birmingham  AL  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Mirian Mendoza, Ph.D. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences  MD  Postdoctoral fellow  Web Address
Alberto Millan, University of California, Merced  CA  Graduate Student  Web Address
Jaime Modiano, V.M.D., Ph.D. University of Minnesota  MN  Perlman Professor of Oncology  Web Address
Fernando Monroy, Ph.D. Northern Arizona University  AZ  Professor  Web Address
Alina Montalbano, Ph.D. UT Southwestern Medical Center  TX  Junior faculty  Web Address
Luis Montaner, D.V.M., Ph.D. The Wistar Institute  PA  Professor  Web Address
Ernesto Munoz, Ph.D. Janssen  CA  Director  Web Address
Waithaka Mwangi, Ph.D. Kansas State University  KS  Professor  Web Address
Temitayo Obajuluwa, M.P.H.,Ph.D. N/A  GA  N/A  Web Address
Busola Okunnu, University of North Texas Health Science Center  TX  PhD Student  Web Address
Thandi Onami, Ph.D. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  WA  Program Officer  Web Address
Santiago Partida-Sanchez, Ph.D. Nationwide Children's Hospital  OH  Associate Professor  Web Address
Manuel Penichet, M.D., Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)  CA  Professor  Web Address
Mirna Perusina Lanfranca, Ph.D. University of Michigan  MI  Post-doctoral research fellow  Web Address
Francisco Quintana, Ph.D. Brigham & Women's Hosp, Harvard Medical School  MA  Professor of Neurology  Web Address
Amariliz Rivera, Ph.D. Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School  NJ  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Felix Rivera-Mariani, Ph.D. College of Biomedical Sciences, Larkin University  FL  Assistant Professor and Academic Coordinator  Web Address
Annette Rodriguez, Ph.D. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi  TX  Visiting Assistant Professor  Web Address
Phillip Ruiz, M.D., Ph.D. University of Miami School of Medicine  FL  Professor of Pathology & Surgery and Director Transplant Lab  Web Address
Luis Sanchez-Perez, Ph.D. Duke University  NC  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Frances Santiago-Schwarz, Ph.D. Feinstein Institute Medical Research  NY  Investigator  Web Address
Luis Sigal, D.V.M.,Ph.D. Thomas Jefferson University  PA  Professor and Vice-Chair for Research  Web Address
Bolaji Thomas, Ph.D. Rochester Institute of Technology  NY  Professor  Web Address
Mulualem Tilahun, D.V.M.,Ph.D. National Institutes of Health (NIH)  MD  AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow  Web Address
Roberto Tinoco, Ph.D. University of California, Irvine  CA  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Raul Torres, Ph.D. University of Colorado School of Medicine  CO  Professor  Web Address
Vincent Tsiagbe, Ph.D. Rutgers University  NJ  Associate Professor  Web Address
Damian Turner, Ph.D. Williams College  MA  Assistant Professor of Biology  Web Address
Anibal Valentin, Ph.D. Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine  PR  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Paulo Verardi, Ph.D. University of Connecticut  CT  Associate Professor  Web Address
Fernando Villalta, Ph.D. Meharry Medical College   TN  Professor & Chair  Web Address
Charlotte Vines, Ph.D. University of Texas at El Paso  TX  Assistant Professor  Web Address
Tonya Webb, Ph.D. University of Maryland School of Medicine  MD  Associate Professor  Web Address
Caleph Wilson, Ph.D. Miltenyi Biotec, Inc.  NY  Field Application Scientist  Web Address
Colleen Winstead, Ph.D. Merck and Company  NJ  Associate Principal Scientist  Web Address
Floyd Wormley, Ph.D. The University of Texas at San Antonio  TX  Professor  Web Address
Albion Wright, Ph.D. Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals  MO  Research Investigator  Web Address
Kristel Yee Mon, Cornell University  NY  Graduate Student  Web Address
Albert Zlotnik, Ph.D. University of California, Irvine  CA  Professor Emeritus  Web Address
Norberto Zwirner, Ph.D. IBYME    Principal Investigator  Web Address


1 As an "opt in" list, this list does not necessarily include all AAI members who are underrepresented minority scientists.

2 As defined by eligibility to participate in the Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), NIH. Eligible groups include: African Americans; Hispanic Americans; Native Americans (including Alaska Natives); and Natives of the U.S. Pacific Islands (Hawaii, Guam).